“Skillful wisdom is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire is to be compared.”
Proverbs 3:15

About Us – Our counsellors and presenters


Paul Crawford

Dip Theo

Paul is both an experienced and well-received speaker and a highly effective cousellor with a history of pastoral ministry. He has a passion to equip people to get more out of life, faith and relationships. He has spent a number of years training and studying the living wisdom model of counselling and how the brain can be re-trained to bring about changes in behaviour and relationships. This training included 6 months of intensive understudy with David Riddell.  Paul’s heart is to help people find effective answers that sustain beyond the clichés and ‘quick-fix’ solutions.

“In an environment where people should be ‘living life to the full’ I am still seeing a lot of personal pain and relationship failure. It is the truth that sets people free and brings the renewing of the mind”.

Paul’s background is in the building and farming industries, and church leadership. He has been married to Lynette for over 34 years and they have four children.

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Lynette Crawford

Dip Coun.  NZCCA member

Lynette has been working in various roles of pastoral care and counselling for the past 29 years. As she has observed the challenges and pain people face she has sought to become better equipped to help people find real solutions.

Lynette has a Diploma in Counselling and is also trained in Living Wisdom counselling and presenting. This training included 200 hours of understudying counsellor David Riddell. Lynette loves to see people find wisdom and insight that helps them discover their own uniqueness, security and identity.  Lynette continues to write articles on how people can gain mental and emotional health.

“I am well equipped to help you find real life solutions to the issues you’re facing.”

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After many years of unresolved issues and problems and the threat of divorce constantly in our lives we knew that if we didn’t find some answers, our marriage wouldn’t make it. Over the years we had sought help from different sources, but still the same unresolved issues. We had almost decided to give up when I went online and found Paul and Lynette Crawford.

We decided that if this didn’t help us then we would call it quits. I started getting counselling with Lynette, and then we attended their Rapid Personal Growth Course for eight weeks and found it was just what we needed. At last we were getting real answers as to why we were having so many problems.

With the course and individual and couples counselling, we have found the answers and advice on how to resolve issues, why they occur and what to do to defuse the situation. If only we had discovered Wisdom for Life years ago. At last we have found hope and answers.

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