“Who taught you to judge yourself so harshly? Instead of beating up on yourself and repeating more of their abuse, start being as kind to yourself as you would to your best friend. ”

Daily Insights

What are they?

Daily Insights are insightful truths about reality that empower us to transform our way of thinking. They are often challenging, and give us the coaching and courage to behave in a way we might never have thought of. They’re great to dwell on and remind ourselves of throughout the day.

Daily Insights have been gleaned and shaped from many sources of wisdom. We offer these as general insights to dwell on and also apply them into the counselling of individual clients. Our experience is that behavioural change is only possible with a change in beliefs and thinking. We know that the right personalised insight, when applied, can bring about sustainable change.

Daily Insights are worth their weight in gold.

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“To develop healthy and wise beliefs, repeat truth affirmations enough times until they become engrained in your mind. Engraved thoughts become new beliefs that guide your life. ”
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