Breaking Porn addiction

Hear what others are saying about this book written after years of helping men to successfully break this habit

Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor – Church Unlimited, Auckland NZ

Paul Crawford has done a great job in bringing clarity to a difficult topic in this easy to read book.  It will be a powerful, practical, and vital tool in the hands of men, many of whom are desperate for a way of escape from the vice-like grip of porn addiction.  This book is realistic, doable, non-judgmental, full of hope, and backed up by years of successful experience.

Geoff Wiklund, Senior Pastor – Eden AOG & promise keepers board member.

At last a book to help men in an area that is increasing more common.  I pray for so many men with issues around porn, and to able to recommend a wonderful tool like this is fantastic.

Richard Black – Counsellor, Christchurch

I find many books and resources on pornography tend to deal with surface level behaviour modification. In this book the author looks below the surface and explores the core beliefs and neural wiring that occurs to keep pornography entrenched in a person’s life. There is much in this book that people struggling with porn will find incredibly helpful. Check it out.. It is worth the read.

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